and Summary

The Australian Drinks Awards are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our people, our brands and our industry. The drinks industry celebrated the seventh annual Australian Drinks Awards in 2019. This event is to recognise, encourage, promote and celebrate excellence in the Australian drinks industry. The annual gala event features 49 awards across three areas of Brand, Supplier and Contribution to Industry. The aim in hosting this event is to lift the profile of Drinks Association in the broader industry.

Brand Awards

These awards are determined via consumer panel with research undertaken by Thrive Research across five categories: Beer, Cider, Wine, Spirits, RTD. 

Fan Favourite Award The brand that is most favoured by consumers. 

Gaining in Popularity The brand most perceived by consumers to be trending in retail.

The Most Distinctive Brand The brand recognised as most unique and different, thus distinctive, by consumers.

Contribution to Industry Awards 

These awards are independently judged by members of the Drinks Association Board. The awards recognise organisational achievement in creating an Inclusive and Diverse industry along with their commitment to work in the community and environment.

Gender Equity Award Recognises excellence in gender equity initiatives and programs in the workplace.

Inclusive & Diverse Workplace Award Recognises organisations that prioritise diversity and recognise the value of an inclusive workplace for individuals and the organisation.

Corporate Social Responsibility Award Recognises unique and out of the box initiatives and strategies that demonstrate a commitment to corporate social responsibility principles.

To request submission documents for the Contribution to Industry Awards, email The Drinks Association at

Supplier Awards 

These awards are determined utilising data results from the industry wide engagement survey conducted by Advantage Australia. 

Supplier of the Year Award The supplier with the highest overall Net Favourable (NF) Score from customer feedback.

Supply Chain Management Award Recognises the performance of the Supply Chain community, focusing on areas of key supply chain performance metrics, relationships and communication, practices and processes that improve efficiency, forecasting and responsive customer service.

Most Improved Supplier of the Year Recognises the supplier that has made significant improvements in the way it works with retailers compared to prior year.