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One comprehensive database providing easy access to national liquor licence information including licence names and numbers, addresses, change of ownership, new, transferred, surrendered and suspended licences.

Updated daily, it’s the sole source of information which holds everything your sales and commercial teams need to know about nation-wide liquor licence holders.


“We all know the importance of clean data and the cost to business if it’s not achieved. Utilizing the Liquor License database as the single source of truth for licensed premise information within the Australian Liquor Industry has enabled Brown-Forman to maintain accurate customer master data to support our CRM systems and processes.
Having the Drinks Association manage the licensed premise master data for the Liquor Industry saves us time by removing manual processes and errors associated with data entry and ambiguity, ensuring our systems run smoothly and reporting outputs are accurate.
Additional information provided within the Liquor License database enhances reporting capability and provides alignment when sharing data across the industry, by offering the industry with a single definition of an outlet’s Channel, the current Banner and the status of their liquor license. The added benefit of receiving location coordinates on the database offers geographic visibility of accounts on GIS software enabling spatial analysis on our accounts.”

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