Advantage Engagement Survey

The partnership between the Drinks Association and the Advantage Group delivers a highly detailed, industry related, benchmark engagement and “mirror” report, providing key insights into how retailers view the relationship with their supplier partners though key areas.

The team at Advantage will assist you in with putting those insights into actions to drive meaningful change with regards to joint business planning and greater collaboration with your customers.


Provides suppliers with benchmark data showing organisational performance across key business measures and in comparison to competitors. Based on results, the Advantage team support suppliers to identify actionable areas for focus to drive improved results.
Known and adopted by all major retail partners, with many retailers performance measured on the results, the program provides the opportunity for open dialogue amongst suppliers and retailers to assist with joint business planning and greater collaboration leading to successful outcomes for both parties.
Provides services which support suppliers who require expert advice on translating the business insights into action plans that drive change within their businesses.
Through annual workshops, members work with the Advantage Group to influence the evolution of the Engagement Program to maintain relevance.
Key areas measured in the Advantage Engagement Program
- Business Relationship and Support
- Personnel
- Category Management
- Consumer Marketing Support
- Customer Marketing/Promotion Practices
- Supply Chain Management
- Customer Service


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