Australian Drinks Awards

The Drinks Association’s annual celebration of industry excellence, the Australian Drinks Awards, was celebrated virtually for the first time in its eight-year history on July 30, 2020.

The ceremony, hosted by TV personality Shelly Horton, also pivot this year to focus on the Supplier Category with four trophies being awarded: Supplier of the Year, Most Improved Supplier of the Year, Supply Chain Management and the new Category Management Award.

The awards were determined utilising data results from the industry wide engagement survey conducted by Advantage Australia.

Supplier of the Year Award - DIAGEO
The supplier with the highest overall Net Favourable (NF) Score from customer feedback.

Supply Chain Management Award - TREASURY WINE ESTATES
Recognises the performance of the Supply Chain community, focusing on areas of key supply chain performance metrics, relationships and communication, practices and processes that improve efficiency, forecasting and responsive customer service.

Most Improved Supplier of the Year - ASAHI PREMIUM BEVERAGES
Recognises the supplier that has made significant improvements in the way it works with retailers compared to prior year.

Category Management Award - DIAGEO
New to the Australian Drinks Awards, it recognises the critical competency of category management, including planning to meet category objectives, providing valuable insights, optimising category assortment and shelving.

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