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BevChain adapts operations during COVID-19

May 1, 2020
By Alana House

Linfox Logistics and BevChain have revealed how their operations have adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the company is seeing increased demand for grocery products in its Australian, New Zealand and Asian operations, there has been a drop in BevChain keg deliveries due to the closure of hotels and hospitality venues.

Linfox acquired full ownership of BevChain in 2017 after purchasing 50% of the company from Lion.

The Fox Group more broadly has experienced significant reductions in activity in its Essendon and Avalon airport properties, Armaguard cash-in-transit services and event properties including the Phillip Island Circuit and Luna Park in Victoria.

Linfox Logistics CEO Australia and New Zealand, Mark Mazurek said Linfox plays a vital role to ensure the community has access to essential goods including food, medicine and fuel.

“We have a strong track record of supporting the community and the government through challenging circumstances, like the recent bushfires and past flooding events,” he noted.

“Linfox is partnering with various state and federal authorities to ensure essential equipment reaches front-line workers.

“We’ve also opened several pop-up distribution centres to address customer challenges and ensure our operations and people function efficiently during these unprecedented times.”

As many Australians face unemployment and uncertainty, Linfox has created a range of new roles, from operations managers to pickers and drivers.

“It’s ‘all hands-on deck’ in our busiest operations and we are focussing on seconding talent and fleet from parts of the business that are experiencing downturns,” Mazurek said

“We thank employees for their flexibility as we create ways to keep them in jobs.

“Linfox Logistics has also recruited and inducted new team members into our Australian business to ensure continuity of service while the demand is there.”

Linfox is working closely with the government, police and emergency services as well as industry associations such as the Australian Logistics Council to ensure its supply chains continue to operate unhindered.

“It is critically important that Linfox’s warehousing, road and rail networks continue to function safely and efficiently and that we can work collaboratively to deploy our people into new roles,” he said.

Keeping team members and the community safe

Linfox said the safety of its people, customers and wider community was the number one priority.

“Linfox is following the advice of relevant federal, state and territory governments as well as taking additional precautions to minimise the risk of infection and ensure the safety of our people and the community,” Mazurek said.

“The Fox family group of companies have a long history of stepping up and designing instantaneous supply chain solutions for our customers. We are drawing on that deep experience again, but we recognise that these are uncertain and challenging times.

“We are actively reminding our people of the free counselling support services available for them and their family members through our Healthy Fox program.”

Linfox’s COVID-19 precautions

  • Closely monitoring and adopting the advice of Australian and New Zealand governments
  • Educating staff on how to minimise the risk of COVID-19 infection including recommended social distancing, good hygiene practices and reminding drivers to wear gloves while refuelling
  • Practising routine environmental cleaning at operational sites and head offices
  • Providing additional risk minimisation items to operational sites including hand sanitiser and gloves
  • Ensuring staff comply with travel and quarantine requirements as determined by state and federal governments
  • Risk assessment and mitigation for at-risk employees
  • Limiting all non-essential site visits and screening visitors for signs of infection
  • Identifying, recording and monitoring employees who display symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection
  • Supporting team members to work remotely
  • Increasing site, vehicle and employee security measures
  • Enacting business continuity plans across each site
  • Coordinating a COVID-19 crisis response team to regularly meet and review the Linfox response

BevChain is a valued Corporate Partner of the Drinks Association.