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CUB reveals new structure & exec team

August 7, 2020
By Alana House

Asahi Beverages has revealed details on how it is combining its two alcohol businesses – Carlton & United Breweries and Asahi Premium Beverages (APB).

Asahi Beverages completed its acquisition of CUB on June 1 and the businesses will both operate under the iconic CUB name by Q4 2020.

The company noted: “The combination will deliver our customers Australia’s leading range of alcohol beverages, including Asahi Super Dry, Great Northern, Carlton Draught, Peroni, Corona, VB, Carlton Dry, Pure Blonde, Mountain Goat, Vodka Cruiser, Somersby Cider, Woodstock Bourbon, the Yaks, Pirate Life, 4Pines and Balter.”

Peter Margin, Chairman, Asahi Beverages, added: “Asahi Beverages is proud to be investing in Australia for the long-term. We have incredible confidence in the Australian market and the potential for long-term growth.”

Robert Iervasi, Group CEO, Asahi Beverages Oceania, said: “The combination of CUB and Asahi Premium Beverages will give our customers access to a leading portfolio which will deliver a superior customer experience and excite our consumers. It will also make it easier for our valued suppliers and partners to do business with us.

“We’re very pleased that Peter Filipovic [pictured main] will continue to lead CUB as CEO of our alcohol Business Division in Australia, joining Stuart Roberts CEO Asahi Lifestyle Beverages and Andrew Campbell CEO Asahi Beverages New Zealand.”

CUB announces new executive team

On Friday, August 14, CUB revealed how its operations and executive team will evolve.

“We have created a separate sales and marketing team, called CUB Premium Beverages,” explained Filipovic.

“This team will be dedicated to the Cider, Spirits, RTDs, Wine and Seltzers portfolio. We will have an amazing portfolio for consumers and having a dedicated team will ensure we provide the highest level of service and attention in these important categories.”

CUB has also introduced Fire & Earth Ventures, which is ZX Ventures rebranded.

“Fire & Earth Ventures will continue to be responsible for our craft and wine partners, Beer Collective and Brand Experiences,” Filipovic explained.

“We are excited to welcome Mountain Goat and Green Beacon to the craft partners we already have at CUB – 4 Pines, Pirate Life and Balter.”

Filipovic said he was also excited to introduce new commercial members of the CUB leadership team, who will transition to their new roles by October 1.

The executive team are:

Michael Ritoli, GM CUB Premium Beverages

David Stingl, GM Fire & Earth Ventures

Peter Bingeman, GM Sales – CUB

Brian Phan, GM Marketing – CUB

Asha Skyring, GM Strategy & Analytics

Filipovic said the combination will deliver a “superior customer experience and access to our advantaged portfolio”.

CUB will engage with its customers in early September to provide further details of what these changes mean to their businesses.

“Until then, its business as usual for both CUB and APB,” Filipovic concluded.

Carlton & United Breweries is a Category One Member of the Drinks Association.

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