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The Drinks Association introduces SmartSpotter as a Premium Service

November 7, 2019
By Alana House

The Drinks Association has added SmartSpotter as a new Premium Service for its members to help them take retail execution to the next level.

SmartSpotter minimises reliance on in-field resources to undertake compliance checks of in-store promotions and core ranging.

It’s a low cost, reliable solution that enables members to track compliance in store, solving industry challenges including:

>> Lack of visibility in store of execution on core ranging agreements with retailers

>> Inability to regularly track compliance of execution on core ranging agreements and promotional activity

>> Limited data available to confirm performance (ROI) of in-store promotions

>> Diverting time of field sales from selling

>> Costly exercise employing merchandisers to check compliance

SmartSpotter uses the power of crowdsourcing to enhance the ability for suppliers to confirm their core ranging and promotional activities in store in real-time. The solution provides:

>> Fact based data

>> Geo-located insights

>> Non-compliance store alerts

>> Ability for suppliers and retailers to see the same results

>> Dynamic analytics and reporting providing opportunities for areas of improvement

Contact the Drinks Association General Manager Rachel Wormald at for more information on how SmartSpotter can help your business. 

Watch a video about SmartSpotter below: