and Summary

Endeavour Drinks strategic pillars

October 19, 2020
By Ioni Doherty

Last month, Nick Smith, Head of Replenishment and Angus McFayden, Head of Supply Chain, presented to Drinks Association’s members of the Supply Chain Forum via video conference.

Mr Smith discussed the role of Endeavour Drinks’ replenishment team and how it is based on a custom model that facilitates true collaboration between organisations and bridges the connection of supply chains, providing:

  • Visibility into the demand planning process 
  • Timely visibility of production planning and supply constraints
  • Collaborative sales planning
  • Planning for category reviews and major events
  • and enabling efficient ordering and inventory calculation.

He also detailed the importance of demand planning and timing when forecasting for the peak demands of the Christmas period. He made a particular point that collaboration with suppliers is essential to ensuring a successful Summer selling period.

Endeavour Drinks’ Partner Hub have now replaced the legacy reporting suite in WOWLink and replenishment KPIs have launched.

There are six key measurement areas:

  • Purchase Order Case Fill 
  • Percentage of Delivery on Time
  • Days of Supply
  • Percentage of DC Outbound Service Level
  • Percentage Guaranteed PO Acknowledgement
  • Failure of Pallets Delivery

In addition to detailing the Endeavour Drinks Supply Chain strategic pillars, Angus McFayden discussed the SCoRe (Supplier Collaboration and Reporting), an application that tracks and measures supplier delivery performance and quality across the Endeavour Drinks supply chain network, and the benefits for suppliers.

Mr McFayden said, “Improving our delivery standards is key to creating a safer, more efficient network, and is important for highly automated DCs.”

Jorge Jimenez, Supply Chain Manager, Brown Forman and Co-chair of the Supply Chain Forum said,The current volatile and uncertain environment has added tremendous pressure to supply chain. As such, and in preparation for the peak season, it was great to hear from one of our largest customers, Endeavour Drinks, to find better ways of working.

“A big thanks to Angus and Nick for delivering a detailed and open session which has opened up additional workstreams with Endeavour Drinks.”