StayinFront Webinar - Drive sales through better in store visibility using image recognition

Unlocking the potential of Digital Image Recognition in Liquor

In this webinar, global experts in retail optimisation, StayinFront, discuss how Digital Image Recognition (DIR) can be used in different ways to drive product availability and sales.

In the Australian Drinks industry, obtaining store visibility through data can be challenging. DIR offers brand owners new opportunities to enhance visibility, ultimately allowing them to make more informed decisions to boost sales.

Many companies, however, struggle to gain all the potential benefits of DIR. In many cases, it’s because there is a misalignment between the business problem that they are trying to solve and the technology and methodology that are being used.

There are several ways that businesses can leverage DIR, including:

  • Truth of shelf
  • Rep-based incentives
  • Compliance
  • Efficiencies in call
  • Perfect store
  • Display and off location

Each of the above use cases requires a different strategy when it comes to DIR. For example, if you are looking to help sales reps build better relationships and improve efficiency, you should prioritise faster results over more data points. If you are looking to manage compliance or understand the ‘truth of shelf, you don’t need results in real-time and so you would prioritise a larger dataset over a faster response.

Ultimately, the opportunity with DIR is to leverage the data collected, combine it with other data sources and use AI to direct the reps to the right stores and, when there, drive the most optimal range. Do this well and sales will invariably go up. Having this capability in one single platform makes it all the more easy to stay in front of the competition.

To find out more, watch the full webinar below hosted by StayinFront’s Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, Archel Aguilar, the company’s Chief Growth Officer, Sam Barclay, as well as Commercial & Strategic Growth Director, Aaron Eccleston.

View a recording of the webinar here

For more information on how DIR can benefit your business, contact Aaron Eccleston.

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StayinFront Webinar - Drive sales through better in store visibility using image recognition
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