Chair's Drinks 2023

Ralph Dunning, Drinks Association Chair of 20 years, hosted drinks at the Kirribilli Club on Thursday, 26th October .

In his address to the attendees, Ralph said: “This Association is an important entity within our industry. It is vital in the ongoing success of our individual member businesses. We represent 21 members, the 21 largest and most influential, and, I would say, the drivers of our industry. We seek to ensure that their progress is strong. We seek to ensure that they are successful, and by utilising the services of the Association, we think we are contributing to that success, both to them individually and to the industry collectively.”

“So thank you all for embracing the Association, your support, and of the time and effort that you put in, because it's really only with that, that this Association is successful.”

The Drinks Association would like to thank everyone who attended the Chair’s Drinks. And a special thanks to our Corporate and Commercial Partners and our Associate Members for your ongoing support this year.

Chair's Drinks 2023
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