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Exceedra joins the Drinks Association

September 15, 2020
By Alana House

The Drinks Association has welcomed integrated business planning and analytics software provider, Exceedra, as an Associate Member.

The company’s solution around Trade Promotion Management is an essential tool for suppliers to effectively manage trade spend, resulting in real improvements to the bottom line.

Exceedra currently supports Treasury Wine Estates with its Trade Promotion Management platform in Australia.

“TWE was looking for a global solution provider to help them upgrade from their existing systems, to enable global scale with local market nuances,”
Elsby explained.

Australia was the first market that was rolled out with the platform – it is now live and performing well.

“Exceedra is thrilled to become a Drinks Association Associate Member and looks forward to a long partnership, creating significant and ongoing value for Members through our portfolio of retail technology software solutions,” said Regional Sales Director Simon Elsby (below).

Simon Elsby

Exceedra is the world’s largest provider of pure play consumer goods software solutions with the global company based in the UK and offices in the US and Australia. Its Australian head office is in Perth, with teams in Sydney and Melbourne.

“Our singular focus, broad solutions offering and partnership culture are designed to equip our customers with smarter sales and distribution capabilities that improve agility, optimize efficiency, and enable better decisions in order to increase profitability,” Elsby said.

Exceedra provides an Integrated Business Planning and Retail Execution Platform for its clients, which includes Trade Promotion Management and Optimization (TPM/TPO), Customer Business Planning & Joint Business Planning, Sales & Operational Planning, Integrated Business planning and Salesforce Automation and CRM solutions.

“Our industry clients typically see improvements in trade spend, which can be as high as 5-10% of net sales over a two to three-year period,” Elsby said.

“Additionally, clients experience improvements in promotional planning, analytics capability and returns on investment with their customers, plus significantly improved forecasting accuracy.

“We pride ourselves on enabling our clients to see tangible growth in working capital, inventory positions and cross-functional alignment in demand and financial planning.”

Benefits Exceedra can deliver to drinks industry clients include:

  • Improved trade efficiencies and effectiveness with accurate planning, forecasting, tracking, delivery and evaluation to enable identification  of category and channel profit pools.
  • Optimised profit and return on investment, promotional frequency, volumes and price points.
  • Ability to explore alternative promotional strategies and solutions through scenario planning that create value for vendors and suppliers through joint P&L’s.
  • Improved promotional strategies and business decisions, through insights and information, allowing key account managers to spend more quality time with customers.
  • Strengthened Joint Business Planning process to enable more consistency and accuracy.
  • One number process, meaning sales, finance and exec teams all working with one version of the truth, driving more productive S&OP meetings, with more timely and accurate management reporting.
  • Fully integrated salesforce productivity and in-outlet planning, activation, measurement, tracking and reporting that informs all layers of integrated business planning.

So, if your business could benefit from optimising returns on investment in trade spend, contact Simon Elsby on for more information.