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GS1 Australia helps industry pivot in time of crisis

May 1, 2020
By Alana House

GS1 Australia has launched a program to assist companies who are re-tooling to meet the national need for PPE, offering supporting services at no charge.

This includes membership, identification numbers for barcodes, assistance in creating and testing new barcodes and access to national registries to enable their quick transition into the new market.

More than 30 companies registered in the first 24 hours when the program launched in early April.

“There are moments in time where we are tested,” the company said. “For some, it is a time to lend a hand and for others to accept support. We are living in one of those times and the food and beverage industry are working together to help combat the COVID-19 crisis.”

One of the firms GS1 Australia has been able to assist through the program is Lark Distilling Co, which took decisive action in response to the demand for PPE products in Tasmanian hospitals.

Dan Knight, Head of Hospitality at Lark Distilling Co said: “As soon as the COVID-19 crisis hit we made a very fast decision to pivot into sanitiser production, with the express aim of alleviating the shortage for frontline medical and emergency services.

“However, once we began production we were overwhelmed with enquiries from people and businesses across the entire state. The world was scrambling to find sanitiser, but on an island, cut off from the mainland, our supply shortage was even more pressing.

“After our first batch of sanitiser, we set the goal of ensuring the continuous supply of World Health Organisation approved sanitiser to all of Tasmania, for the length of the crisis and beyond. The challenge has been to ensure the supply of raw materials and packaging, and it has taken the collective resources of an entire community to make this happen.

“I am forever grateful to our suppliers and organisations like GS1 for their support, and I am in awe of what we have been able to achieve in such a short time, by working as one in the face of a common threat.”

Maria Palazzolo, GS1 Australia’s Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, added: “We want to ensure that new suppliers to the health industry who are re-tooling to manufacture PPE products get express but comprehensive support for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis in Australia, our priority right now is to support the sector that is supporting our community.”

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GS1 is a valued Corporate Partner of the Drinks Association.