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Australian Drinks Awards

Drinks Association welcomes GS1 as Australian Drinks Awards sponsor

July 10, 2019
By Alana House

The Drinks Association is thrilled to welcome GS1 Australia as the sponsor of the Supply Chain Management award at the 2019 Australian Drinks Awards.

Winning Supplier of the Year at The Australian Drinks Awards has always been a huge accolade. Last year, two additional supplier awards were added to the ceremony: Most Improved Supplier and Supply Chain Management.

Like Supplier of the Year, the winners are determined via Advantage Australia’s benchmark surveys of on and off-premise retailers.

“A supplier will win the Supply Chain Management award based on the highest Net Favourable result by combining selected supply chain engagement measures,” explained Advantage Australia’s Steve Andrews. 

“These are: Aligns with our key supply chain performance metrics; Builds strong relationships with supply chain teams; Proactive in implementing practices and processes that improve total supply chain efficiency; Proactively works with us on forecasting to prevent out-of-stocks; Provides timely, proactive communication about order status, adjustments, and changes; Provides easy to reach, responsive customer support service.

“This award means that the supplier has been recognised by all retailers as having the best overall integration into their supply chain management. Because it does not include hard measures such as Service Levels, it deliberately recognises behaviours which are highly valued by retailers, such as how well a supplier handles issues when things go wrong, how well they communicate issues, and how proactive they are in finding solutions. This is analogous to the Supplier of the Year not necessarily being the one with the highest sales or sales growth.”

GS1 Australia became a Corporate Partner of the Drinks Association last year to drive industry standards development and adoption to improve business and supply chain efficiency in the drinks industry.

GS1 Australia sponsor Australian Drinks Awards

GS1 supports the Australian liquor industry in many ways including educating and supporting suppliers to meet trading partner and industry requirements. Our services include Customer Support Desk, Barcode Check, National Product Catalogue, Smart Media and site visits where appropriate.

With 114 GS1 member organisations covering over 150 countries, GS1 Australia helps suppliers export and import from around the world. 

“The GS1 system of standards is the most widely used in supply chains around the world, so there is a natural alignment between our core business and the recognition of top performers in supply chain management,” explained GS1 Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer Maria Palazzolo.

“We support the Drinks Association in the wonderful work they do bringing the industry together and providing information and services.

“The award is important because supply chain management has become increasingly critical to business success. A recent Deloitte study showed that 79% of companies with high-performing supply chains, achieved above average revenue growth within their industries.

“An efficient supply chain leads to a better customer experience which has a flow-on for sales activity, but also a reduction in claims and other disappointments which can tarnish a business relationship. This keeps costs down and drives improved business performance.” 

The Australian Drinks Awards will be held on August 22 at Doltone House in Sydney and GS1 is looking forward to celebrating with the winners.

“The Drinks Australia Awards host a wonderful night where industry comes together to celebrate the achievements of the year just gone while looking at the year ahead,” Palazzolo said.  

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