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Identifying growth opportunities with actionable insights

August 17, 2020
By Lorena Ramirez

One of the clear indicators of market share for brands and identifying growth opportunities is to look at “share of shelf”. However, getting the right share of shelf per SKU can be easier said than done.

Suppliers face a hard-balancing act between “too much or too little” distribution and/or shelf space per SKU, at store and retailer banner level. This can impact on both the brand’s working capital and customer experience.

Adding to the challenge, current audit techniques mean the time it takes to collect and analyse data can be lengthy. As a result, it is likely that it will be out of date, compromising the accuracy of this assessment and risking the possibility of shoppers seeing the right products in the right quantity.

So how can brands get timely and accurate insights to calculate the right amount of space for their products?

Smartspotter now provides a reliable way to measure share of shelf and distribution of any product or category by tapping into the speed and reach of shoppers combined with the automation and precision of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Results can define how much real state is optimal for products and brands at store level.

Suppliers and retailers are submerged in a world of data. However, data is only useful when leads to insights. SmartSpotter delivers ready-to-action insights that provides the visibility brands and retailers need to rectify or modify in-store activities while these are still live. This has an immediate positive impact on the shopper experience, field team efficiency, trade investment and sales turnover.

SmartSpotter collects insights by tapping on a network of 70,000+ shoppers (Spotters) who are ready to be the brand’s eyes and hands in stores across Australia. All insights are then delivered into a real-time dashboard empowering brands and retailers to take action and work together towards better KPIs.

SmartSpotter operates in more than nine countries including the UK, South Africa, Germany Netherlands, among others. Our customers rely on ‘Spotters’ to track the success of in-store activations, on-shelf availability pricing, off-location displays or any other on and off-premise activity. Results have proven to help brands and retailers to leverage growth opportunities and to win in retail.

When crowdsourcing deployment is in sync with the calendar of activities, corrective actions can be made to improve compliance. For example, some of our customers have achieved more than 30% increase in execution in a period of 40 weeks. Others, were able to check out of stocks (OSA) during a promotional periods and adjust its distribution to increase the stock delivered to bottle shops in a matter of days, while the promotion was still live and avoiding a missed opportunity.

More brands are integrating the SmartSpotter dashboard and insights into their decision-making progress and everyday activities. And multiple brands are sharing their dashboard directly with the retailers allowing them to engage in transparent “what I see is what you see”, meaningful conversations at a strategic and tactical level. Consequently, they are working together to fulfil their agreements, strengthen their relationship and provide the ultimate shopper experience.

Drinks industry clients using SmartSpotter include Lion, Asahi Premium Beverages and Liquor Marketing Group.

Lion’s Michelle Pelizzari, Customer Director, Coles Liquor, said: “Smartspotter is a powerful crowdsourcing solution that gathers real-time data accompanied by photos, to improve execution and ultimately the ROI for both us and our customer’s business.

“The dashboard provides immediate visibility of the result,s allowing us to work with our customers and teams to adjust and take action during the measurement period.  It’s a very efficient and user-friendly tool to extract data from the shop floor.”

Frank Palumbo, General Manager Retail Sales & Member Services, Liquor Marketing Group added: “LMG has been using Smartspotter for the past two years to drive our execution focus. We now have real data in real-time on our execution from start to finish of every promotion we go to market with.

“Having information in real-time has allowed us to take action and make changes during the promotional activity rather than relying on feedback after the promotion has ended when it is too late to make a change.

“Suppliers know that we are able to factually measure execution to the agreed plan and share the results with them in a timely manner strengthening our relationships.”

Lorena Ramirez is Marketing Manager at SmartSpotter. SmartSpotter is an Associate Member of the Drinks Association.