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Mercer begins Remuneration Survey training

May 1, 2020
By Alana House

The Drinks Association’s new Remuneration Survey partner, Mercer, will begin providing training and support to members this month.

The Drinks Association recently appointed Mercer as its new Remuneration provider. A comprehensive transition plan has been developed to ensure the process is seamless, with a dedicated account management team supporting the Drinks Association.

Rupert Griffin, Mercer’s Industry Networks Leader said: “It’s fantastic to be partnering with the Drinks Association. I’m really looking forward to working with members and their teams more closely to ensure we provide timely, relevant remuneration trends and actionable market insights.”

Data collection materials for the first release of the Mercer Remuneration Survey will also be sent out to member remuneration partners and Human Resources Directors in early May. 

Mercer will provide training and development to members on position matching, data submission, accessing and interpreting data via a webinar on Tuesday, May 12, so please look out for the invitations from Mercer.

Data to provide valuable insights

Mercer is currently running a live poll of global organisations on their response to the COVID-19 crisis. The results of the survey provide valuable insights into the impact COVID-19 is having on workplaces. Members can participate and see live results here.

As Mercer notes: “Although the future is unpredictable, organisations have already been forced to immediately rethink the way they do business. By necessity, organisational decision making has been exceptionally fast paced to mitigate short-term risks – primarily for the well-being of employees and maintaining viable levels of operations.

“As organisations make these decisions, it is important that considerations of short and medium-term financial results be balanced with ensuring the organisation is equipped ‘to advance and benefit from the rebound’, especially when it comes to having the right people and workforce.”

For more Mercer insights on balancing COVID-19 decisions with your long-term talent needs click here.

Benefits of the Mercer partnership

Moving forward, the Drinks Association’s partnership with Mercer will include a bi-annual drinks industry specific roles remuneration survey and a bi-annual general industry remuneration survey.

There will also be a bi-annual report covering analysis of market trends, including remuneration movements, comparisons to market and gender analyses.

Human Resources Directors will have access to the data via the online Mercer WIN® platform, where it can be refined by peer group, location and more.

Additionally, Drinks Association members are eligible for a 25% discount on any Mercer Australia or New Zealand Remuneration and/or HR Benefits off the shelf reports and surveys.

Mercer will deliver its first Remuneration Survey results to the drinks industry in July, with bespoke insights dashboards available in August.

For more information on the Renumeration Survey, contact Drinks Association CEO Georgia Lennon on

The Remuneration Survey is a Core Service provided to Drinks Association members.