Drinkworks joins the Drinks Association as a Category One Member

Drinkworks joins the Drinks Association as a Category One Member

Drinkworks joins the Drinks Association as a Category One Member

November 30, 2021

In exciting industry news, Drinkworks has joined as a Category One member. Drinkworks’ General Manager Judd Michel will sit on the Drinks Association Board with National Sales Manager, David Segreto as Alternate Director.

Drinkworks will also be included in the Advantage Engagement Survey and can be benchmarked against its industry competitors.

The Drinks Association’s CEO Georgia Lennon welcomes everyone at Drinkworks to the Drinks Association.

She said, “We are thrilled to welcome Drinkworks as a Category One member of the Drinks Association and to be supporting the commercial success of Drinkworks as they utilise the data services available to members.

“As a Drinks Association member, we also welcome Drinkworks into the Advantage Group Engagement program giving them the opportunity to strengthen their relationships with retailers and I look forward to welcoming Judd and David around the Board table.”

Advantage Australia’s CEO John McLoughlin took the opportunity to welcome them as well, saying, “We are absolutely delighted to hear the news that Drinkworks have become a member of the Drinks Association and we very much look forward to working with Judd Michel and his team to help strengthen their collaboration and engagement with retailers.”

From the beginning of 2022, all Drinkworks’ staff will have access to the Drinks Association’s data services, targeted forums and events, publications and websites.

Mr Michel said, “We are excited to become a member of the Drinks Association and look forward to sharing our experiences and learning from our colleagues in the industry.

“As well as providing a platform to connect with our peers and have a voice at the table, the range of services the Drinks Association offer are highly valuable for not only Drinkworks but the industry as a whole.“

We look forward to their participation in the Embrace Difference Council, supporting its efforts to improve diversity and inclusion right across the Australian drinks industry. For further information, contact Kylie Le Lievre.

The Drinks Association has a long history, originating in 1897, and it exists and operates for the benefit of its members. Its purpose is to make a positive difference to the industry, by being a dynamic, vibrant and collaborative partner for members and strengthening the brand proposition of the industry.

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