The National Liquor Licence Database -the key to master data management

The National Liquor Licence Database  -the key to master data management

The National Liquor Licence Database -the key to master data management

April 28, 2022
Kylie Le Lievre

Updated daily, the National Liquor Licence and Retail Banner Database has a quick and easy look up feature providing you and your commercial teams with the latest information on nationwide liquor licence holders and retail banner membership, including licence names and numbers, addresses, changes in ownership, as well as new, transferred, surrendered and suspended licences.

The Weekly Liquor Licence Movement Report is published each Friday.

The database includse the retail banner group associated with each applicable licence number to assist in reconciling rebates and wholesaler claims, and a Retail Banner Movement Report is also published monthly.

Luke Mitchell, Data & Insights Manager at Australian Liquor Marketers (ALM), said the Liquor Licence Database is vital to the wholesaler's business. "As a Category One Member of the Drinks Association, ALM has benefited greatly over the years from leveraging the Association's Core and Premium services to assist in our mission and purpose of championing successful independents," he said.

"The Liquor Licence Database is a critical input to ALM''s Master Data Management, daily processes and reporting, industry alignment and a value-add for several M-Future projects and initiatives.

"ALM has been aligned to the concept and value of this data set since its inception. In recent years, ALM has integrated the Liquor Licence Database into customer master data to enable the business to streamline day to day practices such as deals, claims, store reporting and partnering with retailers to manage rebates."

From a supplier perspective, Jason Cliff at Asahi Beverages said the Liquor Licence Database is invaluable because it gathers all States' liquor licensing information into one repository.

“It assists in removing duplicates from the ERP and has been particularly helpful during the merger by cleansing data. I will often be presented with a potential customer duplication in our ERP and am tasked with solving the problem, so there is just just one copy of the customer.

“It’s a great tool for checking our data and solving duplication puzzles. Our Master Data team uses the database when creating new customers to complete that missing data that may be provided by wholesalers.”

Given that suppliers and distributors are varied in size and reach, users may opt to purchase the entire national database, covering all States and Territories, or just single States as required.

• Quick and easy look up of all licence and retail banner details associated with a venue
• Use for territory mapping and geo-coding
• Maintain accurate customer master data, supporting your CRM
• Identify new business opportunities
• Reconcile rebates and wholesaler claims

• Track daily licence updates including new, transferred, surrendered and suspended licences
• Capture all banner information aligned to a licensed premise
• Receive consolidated movement reports published weekly/monthly
• Unlimited users per subscription
• API connection capability for ease of information transfer

If you are interested in understanding the features further, contact us to set up an obligation free online session with our Services Team. The Liquor Licence and Retail Banner Database is a Core Service available to all Drinks Association members and is also available via subscription for all other suppliers and wholesalers. For more information, contact Kylie Le Lievre.

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