Gain a competitive edge with the Drinks Association's Price Intel platform.

Gain a competitive edge with the Drinks Association's Price Intel platform.

May 30, 2024
Kylie Le Lievre

Staying ahead of the competition requires more than just offering quality products. Pricing strategy plays a pivotal role, and this is where the Price Intel solution comes into play, providing businesses with valuable insights that can determine your approach to pricing.

In partnership with Nielsen, the Drinks Association has developed the Price Intel platform, which is included in the membership benefits for all Drinks Association Category One members and there is also the opportunity for non-member organisations to subscribe to the service.

Price Intel provides drinks organisations with the insights needed to make informed pricing decisions, whilst also providing access to extensive historical data. The platform enables businesses to benchmark their prices against competitors, monitor market trends, and make data-backed pricing adjustments.

Price Intel currently scrapes promoted prices from 107 newspapers, 85 catalogues and 33 websites with the data being uploaded each weekday morning by 9am.

Benefits of Price Intel

Competitor benchmarking: Benchmark your prices against those of your competitors, allowing you to gauge your position in the market.

Pricing strategies: Gain a data-driven approach to pricing by analysing historical pricing trends and market dynamics. This includes identifying areas where you can differentiate based on pricing, promotions, or value-add.

Market monitoring: Updated daily, providing you with the ability to monitor pricing trends and to adapt swiftly.

Enhance profit margins: Accurate insights into the pricing strategies of competitors so you can make strategic business decisions to enhance your profit margins.

Training available
Nielsen conducts group online training for Price Intel on the first Wednesday of each month. Please contact Kylie Le Lievre to book any of the following sessions:

Wednesday, June 5th 3-4 pm
Wednesday July 3rd 3-4 pm

Login Credentials
You will require a new username and password to access the Price Intel platform. Please click here to access this service.

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