BevChain strengthens sustainability commitment

BevChain strengthens sustainability commitment

April 30, 2024

Linfox and BevChain place sustainability at the forefront and are committed to operate in a way that reflects the expectations of society and is in harmony with the environment.

With an unwavering commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 to mitigate their effect on climate change, the biggest impact Linfox and BevChain can make is to convert fleet to net zero emissions, supported by sustainable sites with renewable energy ecosystems.

“BevChain continues to lead the way with sustainability, through significant investments in electric vehicles and building environmentally-friendly facilities,” said BevChain's President, Misha Shliapnikoff.

Linfox recently viewed and tested Volvo’s newest generation of battery electric trucks. The Volvo electric prime movers represent a significant advancement in size, gross vehicle mass, battery capacity and will allow Linfox to service customers across longer-distance operations with larger loads.

This continues Linfox and BevChain’s early adoption of electric vehicles in Australia. In 2021, BevChain proudly launched the first Volvo FL electric truck in Australia. The vehicle delivers Asahi Beverages across metro Melbourne, with zero net emissions. The landmark electric vehicle can travel up to approximately 250 kilometres before needing to be recharged.

A Fuso eCanter was introduced in 2022 and delivers kegs, packaged Tooheys New for Lion to pubs, bars and clubs in metro Sydney.

“Both BevChain electric vehicles operate at full capacity, maximising environmental benefits. Access to unprecedented levels of electric vehicle truck data due to ongoing usage, has resulted in improvements in the range of the electric vehicles. Our valued customers can be assured of consistency and continuity,” said Shliapnikoff.

The new BevChain DCs are equipped with future-proof electrical infrastructure and renewable energy generation to accommodate both current and next-generation electric trucks.

BevChain is a Corporate Partner of the Drinks Association


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