We've simplified the process of reconciling Retail Banner Groups

We've simplified the process of reconciling Retail Banner Groups

April 26, 2024
Kylie Le Lievre

Our Retail Banner Database simplifies the process of determining the number of outlets associated with a specific Banner Group each month. It presents all pertinent data in a user-friendly format, whether through a simple table, lookup feature, or downloadable CSV file.

Updated on the 15th of each month, our national consolidated Retail Banner database offers a convenient lookup feature, ensuring you and your commercial teams have access to the latest information on retail banner memberships, including license names, numbers, and addresses.

The comprehensive database includes the retail banner group linked to each relevant license number, aiding in the reconciliation of monthly rebates and wholesaler claims.

In collaboration with banner groups, the Drinks Association Services Team meticulously reconcile Retail Banner movements and publish a comprehensive report for the previous month on the 15th of the subsequent month. Additionally, we provide a state-wise breakdown of banner counts for easy reference when determining outlet numbers by banner group.

Key Features:
Comprehensive capture of all banner information associated with licensed premises.
Monthly publication of consolidated movement reports.
Unlimited users per member company or subscriber.

Ensure the accuracy of customer master data, supporting your CRM system.
Facilitate the reconciliation of monthly banner rebates and payments.

To view a quick demonstration of the website portal and all information available, watch our short video here.

For more information on member access & subscriber pricing, contact the Drinks Association's Membership & Marketing Manager, Kylie Le Lievre

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