Serendis Leadership Program Applications Open

Serendis Leadership Program Applications Open

Serendis Leadership Program Applications Open

February 12, 2021

The Drinks Association, together with Serendis Leadership, is delighted to launch the 2021 Drinks Inclusive Leadership Program.

Now in its fifth year and following the great success of the first ever virtual Inclusive Leadership Program in 2020, we are pleased to launch the 2021 cross industry leadership and mentoring program commencing in May 2021.

More than 150 people from across the drinks sector have participated in the program to date. The 2020 program attracted 32 participants from businesses including Australian Vintage, ALM, Bacardi-Martini, Campari, Asahi Beverages, Casella Family Brands, Lion, Moët Hennessy, Pernod Ricard and Taylors Wines. 

After successfully extending the program to also include men back in 2019, the program will continue to welcome both male and female mentees again this year. 

“2020 proved to be a most challenging year, but despite this, we were thrilled to see that members prioritised the development of their people and the building of a culture of inclusion across the industry,” said Drinks Association CEO, Georgia Lennon, “The Inclusive Leadership program continues to be one of the most highly subscribed to services provided by the Drinks Association and we are looking forward to another successful year.”

Serendis Leadership Director Bianca Havas added: “More than ever in a disrupted world, the importance of inclusive leadership comes to the fore. We know that one leader or demographic group can’t have all the answers and that’s where an inclusive style of leadership allows us to harness different perspectives and to be able to adapt and innovate quickly and more efficiently.”

“Mentoring is impactful at any stage of a person’s career but during a crisis it has provided a scaffold for both mentees and mentors that is a safe space away from their immediate everyday challenges and where they can stand on the balcony to consider the bigger picture.”

Feedback from program participants has been equally encouraging:

“Absolutely loved this program. The tools were great and the mentor matching has been fantastic! I enjoyed receiving all the tools upfront and the leadership survey has been instrumental in paving my ongoing development plan.” –2020 Mentee

“Participation in a program like this is a great benefit to leaders, it tests your own assumptions and gives you a mirror to reflect on your leadership style.” –2020 Mentor

By facilitating successful mentoring relationships between high-calibre professionals and senior leaders, the program supports the ongoing development of individuals who have already made significant progress in their careers and are looking to ahead to leadership roles, while also engaging with current senior leaders in the industry on the importance of inclusive leadership. 

Participants are supported throughout the program by experienced executive coaches and are provided with data to drive their personal goals.

The 2021 Inclusive Leadership Program runs from May until October end, during which time participants attend two events and five workshops, facilitated by Serendis and hosted by participating organisations. 

We still live in an uncertain environment, and crave some face to face networking opportunities, so this year’s program balances the virtual with opportunities to engage personally. Attending the workshops is an essential element of the program and all participants are encouraged to join at least two of the in-person events. Delivery channels will be continually reviewed along the way and adjusted as required.

The formal sessions facilitated by Serendis provide career, leadership and mentoring development frameworks to drive the mentoring conversations and broaden skill sets.

In addition to these formal group sessions, participants meet with their mentee/mentor approximately six to eight times during the program. 

Please speak with the HR Director within your business if you are interested in participating in the Serendis Leadership Program.

4 March 2021 Companies to confirm participation in the program. Contact: Drinks Association CEO, Georgia Lennon

19 March 2021 Companies to confirm participants in the program . Contact: Drinks Association CEO, Georgia Lennon

Email us should you require further information or wish to receive an enrolment form.

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