Innovative, convenient B2B online payment system

Innovative, convenient B2B online payment system

Innovative, convenient B2B online payment system

September 22, 2021
Carolyn Combes

Smart, streamlined, faster payment solutions – introducing FASSTA PAY

FAASTA have joined the Drinks Association as Associate Members. FASSTA is an Australian software business and the team behind leading automated invoicing system, Accounts Flow.

FASSTA’s partnership coincides with the release of their new intelligent payment solution, FASSTA PAY. Designed specifically for the hospitality, food and liquor industries, FASSTA PAY allows for the payment of invoices by credit card.

FASSTA Managing Director Tony Brockhurst said the company’s broad ranging experience via Accounts Flow connected them with thousands of retailers and suppliers in the food and beverage industries and helped them develop FASSTA PAY into an extremely easy-to-use online payment portal.

“FASSTA PAY enables retailers to pay all their business invoices on the one platform with their preferred credit cards at their convenience,” Mr Brockhurst said.

“And because we are Australian-owned and run, FASSTA PAY is backed by a local support team.”

Mr Brockhurst said that FASSTA PAY provides wide ranging benefits to both suppliers and retailers in the food and beverage industries.

“FASSTA PAY is an effective way for suppliers to streamline the accounts receivable process but it also is a hassle-free way for retailers to manage all their invoices, with the added bonus of gaining credit card points for their purchases,” Mr Brockhurst said.

“With FASSTA PAY, suppliers can now easily accept credit cards, which means they will get paid faster and access super competitive transaction fees.”

“We think retailers will really appreciate the cashflow benefits to their businesses because they can keep cash in their business longer by taking advantage of the payment terms of their credit card.”

“It also means they can pay their accounts whenever it suits them and their business, even on the weekend or while away from the office, rather than having to call the supplier to make a payment or organise EFT runs,” Mr Brockhurst said.

FASSTA PAY has been developed in partnership with Eway, offering a trusted and secure payment provider, as well as tokenised transactions for increased security.

Being powered by Eway also means payment details are securely stored on file to make future payments to suppliers quick and easy.

As part of the launch of FASSTA PAY, suppliers can sign up before Christmas and enjoy 3 months of free transactions (conditions apply). This then reverts to a great low rate (only available through FASSTA PAY, powered by Eway).

FASSTA is also launching FASSTA INVOICE, a business-to-business software solution for suppliers which will map and deliver invoices and purchase orders to a company’s cloud-based accounting, ERP or POS systems.

To read more about FASSTA and FASSTA PAY, visit or to sign up visit here

FASSTA is an Associate Member of the Drinks Association.

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