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Nielsen Sports offer to Drinks Association members

June 9, 2020
By Alana House

Nielsen Sports is looking to support Drinks Association members during these uncertain times with a discounted data and resourcing offer.

The initiative comes as the Australian sport and sponsorship industries face unprecedented circumstances, with restrictions that have severely impacted operations.

The offer includes free access to data excerpts and insights from existing and syndicated Nielsen Sports products.

It provides information on the industries, brands, and sports that are still performing well; how brands can use the demographics and psychographics of fans to keep them engaged while events and venues are closed; detail on who is driving the most engagement on social media and what content is working best; and opportunities in e-sports.

Nielsen’s data sources

The offer includes all syndicated or existing/historical Nielsen Sports datasets. This data can be used to answer consultative questions on sponsorship as it relates to fans, media exposure, social media and strategy.

Data sources include:

Sportslink: an extensive syndicated survey exploring Australia’s sport and lifestyle interests. Sports interest and consumption, fandom and avidity, and sponsor recall have been captured for over 10 years, providing the deepest view of the Australian sports landscape. Updated monthly, current to February 2020.

Fanlinks: a powerful data source fusing detailed lifestyle, attitudinal and purchasing behaviour of Australian consumers with their sporting interests and passions. It helps understand how fans are interacting with various industries and brands, how they consume media, and the most effective way to leverage and optimise partnerships. The 2018 fused database to be used.

Social Content Ratings: capturing both owned and organic engagement, Social Content Ratings – Sport provides a landscape view of social media. It helps brands understand the properties driving the most engagement, which pieces of content are most interesting to fans and insights on further developing social media strategy. Updated daily across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Sport24: Nielsen’s QI media analysis captures sponsor exposure across the landscape. Find out which assets are most valuable, how to optimise exposure and value, and its relationship to tangible results (i.e. sponsor recall). Compare your property to others in the same industry or sport to contextualise overall performance. Data current to March 15, 2020, across all major codes and events.

Other products: Nielsen can leverage other datasets as necessary, including sponsorship rights fee databases, audience analysis, global fan data, or previous whitepapers and data such as women in sport or e-sports.

Nielsen’s offer to Members

This Nielsen offer provides Drinks Association Members with the opportunity to tap into Nielsen’s extensive data and insights, while only paying for analyst hours. Members get access to 40 Nielsen analyst hours for just $9,600.

The number of hours per request is to be agreed prior to commencing and analyst hours are to be used within three months. Additional analyst hours can be purchased at a discounted rate of $1200 per eight-hour block.

As the industry is under financial pressure, Nielsen is able to work with Members on invoicing options.

For more information, contact Drinks Association General Manager Rachel Wormald on

Nielsen is a Corporate Partner of the Drinks Association.