Premium Services

Premium Services available on subscription or at discounted rates for members, these services are optional and are available at an additional cost.


Retail Ad Watch Express

Ad Watch Express Service, delivers twice daily updates to your inbox at 8.30 and 9am. Your morning snapshot of promoted price points in the priority newspapers across your chosen categories is emailed at 8:30am in a simple to read format with links to creative content.
In addition to this, a comprehensive national list of publications ranked by number of lines and circulation is emailed to you at 9am.

Retail Ad Watch Premium Report

A fully populated monthly report, containing data directly from the Ad Watch database, including pricing, circulation and SOV ad count.
A valuable tool for your business, saving you hours of analytical work.


Inclusive Leadership Program

Now in its sixth year, the cross-industry Inclusive Leadership Program, run by Serendis, continues to be highly sought after by member organisations as a way to help talented individuals develop their readiness for leadership roles.

The 6-month program facilitates successful mentoring relationships between high-calibre professionals and senior leaders, with many previous mentees now becoming mentors.

Shopper Intelligence

The Shopper Intelligence program provides you with invaluable, independent and objective metrics of shopper behaviour, needs & perceptions in the off-premise market.

It looks at key insights into the most important member of our industry – the shopper. Shopper Intelligence is the largest international program of systematic shopper insights and they’re all about uncovering objective information about how shoppers think, behave and make decisions.

Subscribers to this service have access to an “easy to use” Portal and are presented with a State of the Nation report each year.

Australian Consumer & Competition Law Training (ACCL)

The Australian Competition and Consumer Law Training solution by our partner NextGen is a program that’s been built entirely from the ground up, with specific focus and case studies on how liquor suppliers should do business with their customers.

It’s highly recommended all customer facing staff complete the training every 12-18 months to ensure they are familiar with any changes in laws. Special rates apply for all DA member companies and training can be done in house or on-line.


Smartspotter is an app that uses the power of crowdsourcing to:

  • Regularly track compliance, in-store execution and ROI of core ranging agreements and promotional activity
  • Avoid the cost of Merchandisers checking compliance
  • Ensure field sales are focused on selling

The Smartspotter solution provides real time data with easy access for suppliers and can be used for one-off jobs or regular spotting.

SKUvantage Digital Library

It it is important to ensure your product imagery is always current. Through the SKUvantage Digital Library you can manage your product content and syndicate it to your customers, with feeds to leading retailers and ecommerce platforms.

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