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Why reducing advertising now could have long-term consequences

May 22, 2020
By Alana House

Many brands have chosen to reduce their ad volumes and spend during COVID-19, but Nielsen reports that limiting advertising could have long-term consequences.

Matt O’Grady, Global Commercial President Nielsen Media and Michele Strazzera, Commercial Leader Ad Intel International Media, note that forward-thinking marketers have taken the initiative during this difficult time and are creating cross-platform ad content strategies to tastefully reach large and highly engaged audiences.

“With clarity into which channels and tactics influence a specific audience, marketers can orchestrate the optimal consumer experience across channels and devices and optimise spend to maximise business results,” they report.

“Managing advertising and marketing channels separately using siloed, channel-specific strategies, tactics and metrics is no longer effective. Brands that have a cross-media audience strategy yield better results.

“In moments of crisis, creativity can flourish. The advertising industry right now is feeling a thorn in its side, but increasing time spent online and watching TV provides a great avenue to show the value of effective advertising to grow your brand reputation and revenue.”

Nielsen adds that choosing to dissociate from COVID-19 is not sustainable, with coverage of the novel coronavirus here to stay for at least the medium term.

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Brand Ad Watch keeps suppliers informed

It’s vital that your business has the latest information on competitor spends and market trends in the current environment.

Nielsen Brand Ad Watch advertising

Nielsen’s Portfolio Media service on the Drinks Association’s Brand Ad Watch Database allows you to gain insight into your competitors’ tactics – where, when and how often they advertise: the media platforms; channels, titles and websites; the full flights of the campaigns; the frequency; how the ads appeared in situ; and the spend behind each campaign.

The Brand Ad Watch Database is an important tool for the Australian liquor industry, as the industry grapples with COVID-19.

The Nielsen Ad Intel Portfolio Media Platform offers the most comprehensive advertising monitoring service available in Australia.

This service allows you to search, view and analyse advertising creative and activity/spend within Australia.

For the Brand Ad Watch service, Nielsen collects advertising across TV, Print & Magazines, Radio, and Out of Home on competitor brand advertising.

Nielsen is a Corporate Partner of the Drinks Association.